About Sarah Jack

Sarah Jack moves business leaders to higher levels of effectiveness. She draws on her real-world experience as a senior executive at Fortune 500 companies, along with her education and expertise in psychology and coaching to inform her work with clients. 

When coaching, Sarah supports her clients to develop new awareness and approaches to achieving their goals. Sarah's consulting focuses on organizations that seek change in order to grow. She offers strategic consulting to identify opportunities and create road maps to advance business metrics. 

Sarah’s diverse professional, vocational and educational experiences complement a consulting practice focused on helping entrepreneurs, start ups, and growing businesses in the areas of performance coaching, management training, and strategic management.  Sarah has a distinguished background in media, specializing in the acquisition and retention of customers (CRM), audience development, consumer-focused multimedia products and offers, and financial and operational functional areas. For over twenty years she contributed to the success of many of the country’s favorite and most profitable brands and, in the process, earned a strong reputation marketing a broad array of products to a varied consumer segments. Sarah has also been recognized for her ability to develop diverse talent and her approach to coaching teams to drive improved performance.    

As a result of her extensive education, Sarah is an expert in applying proven theories relating human behavior and motivation. She earned a Masters in Social Work from New York University, received post-graduate certificates in psychotherapy and coaching, and enjoys an undergraduate degree from Cornell University. Sarah is a licensed Social Worker in New York and New Jersey, and sees clients as a psychotherapist. Sarah holds a a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation.