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Choose from these services designed to help you achieve your goals.

Executive Coaching

The focus of executive coaching is setting vision for the organization, determining how the executive can have the most meaningful impact, and delivering results.

Emerging Leaders

The juncture between functional management and executive leadership is a crucial time of professional development. Coaching aids clients in developing their unique leadership profile and performance.


Sarah customizes workshops to the needs of the organization. Sample topics: communication styles, social and emotional intelligence, listening skills, self management, performance management, and leadership. Workshops that address work/life balance issues such as stress management, mindfulness, and health & wellness are available as well.

Custom Programs

Multi-part programs for groups are customized based on the needs of the organization. Sample themes: change, leadership, post m&a optimization, and managing for growth.

Custom Consulting

In partnership with organizational leadership, I design a project that will identify opportunities to optimize performance, create an action plan, and make it happen.